New Eye Brightening Makeup Products by Lisa Kurtz

By Lisa Reinhardt

We’re super excited to introduce Lisa Kurtz’s NEW Eye Brightening makeup product line! I wanted products that were universal for all women, regardless of age or skin tone. As a full-time makeup artist, I hear almost every client say, “Can you do something about these circles?” So, I did! I put together an under-eye brightening pen, concealer(s) and blending brush that is easy to add to your morning makeup routine without adding a ton of extra time…with immediate results. The best part is there is a video tutorial link in every package to learn how to take these products home and actually use them! I hate buying products in-store, getting home, and totally forgetting how to use them.

Contact Lisa for purchasing and color matching today!

Check out my makeup tutorial video to see what I am talking about!

Youthful Mineral Illuminator~ $15

This photo-reflective pink pen hides under-eye imperfections! One click of this must have product will instantly brighten up tired eyes and neutralize dark shadows.

Action Concealer~ $15

A full coverage concealer that will ultimately brighten and gradually improve the skins texture, all the while banishing dark circles!

Photo Touch Concealer~ $13

Camouflage blemishes, fine lines, and dark circles. Comes in a handy stick for touch ups on-the-go.

Synthetic Blending Brush~ $20

Soft synthetic brush for precise blending…each and every time.

Contact Lisa for purchasing and color matching today!

All booked brides and current Eyelash Extension clients will receive 10% off products.