New Luxurious Mink Eyelash Extensions

By Lisa Reinhardt

Most women don’t have the time to apply false lashes, so there is no surprise that more and more women are getting eyelash extensions. Recently, Mink Eyelash Extensions have become the biggest thing in eyelash technology. Formerly reserved for celebrities (like Beyonce), these lashes are now affordable for the mainstream market.

Mink Eyelash Extensions are made with 100% real Mink Fur to create a full, but natural look! They’re brushed off live minks (without harming them) and hand selected to give you the softest and curliest lashes. They’re realistic, elegant and sexy, making it look like you were born with flawless lashes!

Lisa Kurtz is so excited to offer fabulous Mink Eyelash Extensions! You’ll get feathery, lighter, fuller, natural looking lashes and best of all…there is no additional up charge for the Mink lash extensions!